SBI Royal approved as a ‘market marker’ for engineering firm DBD Engineering Plc after IPO

SBI Royal Securities Plc. is honored to inform investors and public that we have received an approval in principle from Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) to be the Liquidity Provider (LP) for the common stocks of DBD Engineering Plc. (DBD) on 03 August 2021. The LP for DBD’s common stocks will be activated once DBD is successfully listed on CSX.

Importance of Liquidity Provider

Liquidity Provider (LP) is a CSX’s member that has accepted tasks to promote liquidity of a selected stock by quickly reducing the bid-ask spread to 10 tick-sizes or lower and then doing market making with public investors with the minimum volume of 100 shares. As observing, stocks covered by LP tend to have more trading activities and liquidity than other stocks.

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